NEW: Human-Wildlife Conflict Articles – Dr. Sumeet Gulati

Co lab PI Dr. Sumeet Gulati recently published two articles at Down to Earth in relation to his work in human-wildlife conflict. Find abstracts and links to the full articles below.


Dr. Gulati gives first-hand insight into human-wildlife conflict in India, specifically in relation to rural farmers.  The article follows the journeys of subsistence farmers who have had their calves killed by leopards or elephants raiding crops. Gulati introduces Wild Seve, a service led by the Centre for Wildlife Studies, which aims to compensate farmers for damage caused to livestock or crops by wildlife. Click the link below to read the full article:



In an exploration of human-wildlife conflict in India, Dr. Gulati discovers an unexpected problem in rural villages – snakes. While elephants, leopards, deer and various mammals are detrimental to livestock and crops, in conversation with local farmers, Gulati realizes how prevalent human-snake conflict is. Many rural farmers he interviewed had sustained serious injuries from snake bites and had life-long consequences. Click the link below to read the full article: